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Ana Tirolese

Ana Tirolese Fine Art

London, ON


Drawing and creating art for all her life, Ana studied fine art first at BealArt (London, ON) then at York University (Toronto) and graphic design at George Brown College (Toronto). Ana worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, art director, and web designer for many years before going back to her first love of fine art and portraiture.

Ana was drawn to coloured pencils after the birth of her son, Alexander. She wanted a medium that would allow versatility but would not mess up the walls and furniture by little fingers. The more she worked the pencils, the more she fell in love with them. She was intrigued by the versatility and luminescence of the medium. Coloured pencils allow her to combine the eloquence of painting with the control of drawing.

Ana's favourite medium is coloured pencil; however, she also works in graphite, charcoal, pastel, and acrylics.


Freedom by Ana Tirolese


Michael Wayner Bettencourt by Ana Tirolese


Brittany Bettencourt by Ana Tirolese


Liduina and Vasco Bettencourt by Ana Tirolese


Alexander Tirolese by Ana Tirolese


Euclides Cavaco by Ana Tirolese


Rolfs Alksnis by Ana Tirolese


Michael Smyth by Ana Tirolese


Meghan Smyth by Ana Tirolese


Chloe by Ana Tirolese


Cousins by Ana Tirolese


Anthony by Ana Tirolese